Carrozzieri: Lecce will 临时游乐场赚钱项目fight

Moris Carrozzieri has issued a rallying cry to Lecce’s supporters, promising them that the team will fight to the very end this weekend.

“Lecce has the strength to win in Verona. I know it will be a tough game, it will be fought in every way and we will give 100 per cent. Chievo has nothing to play for, but we know very well that they will give us nothing, as it should be.

“As far as I am con21点官网cerned, until Sunday evening we will believe in the fight. We are determined to go to Verona and win, Carrozzieri told reporters on Thursday.

However, Carrozz网上21点ieri insists that the situation will not phase him or his teammates in their determination to win their weekend match, a trip away to Chievo.

“Then, after the game we will look at the result of Genoa. Although we have lost the last three home games, we are still only three points away from safety and, to me, this is a sign of destiny.

The Salentini are on the verge of relegation despite a valiant effort in the second half of the season. Sitting three points from safety, the club know that if Genoa in 17th place pick up any kind of result in Week 38, then they will drop down to Serie B.

Former teammate to Carrozzieri and well known to be a Lecce fan, Fabrizio Miccoli has the opportunity for a second season in a row to indirectly assist the Salentini’s survival bid.

“Last year I was in Palermo and I remember well how Miccoli ran the game against Sampdoria. I’m sure this will happen again this year.”

Even so, Carrozzieri knows that the team will be relying on outside help to ensure that Genoa do not pick up anything from their game, at home to Palermo.

Last season his goal contributed to a 2-1 win for Palermo over Sampdoria, a result that not only confined the Genoese club to relegation, but ensured Lecce’s survival too.

“To earn the result we will face them with more energy than them. Sunday we will think only and exclusively about our game, b皇冠外围投注ecause it would be a mistake to look at the result for Genoa. We will put in our minds only our 90 minutes.”